Fundraising Calendar Themes


Check out these tried and tested calendar themes from our fundraising customers


Calendar girls - The world famous calendar girls have proven to be inspiration to thousands of fundraisers.

Sports - create a team calendar to support your local club. A mix of action shots through the season and traditional team shots work well. For schools, why not dress up and make props for a different sport for each month.

Artwork - Run a competition in school or in your art club and feature the winning pictures in the calendar

Now and then - this is a great one for villages - find a local location like the village green or local shop and take a picture of it today and also show an inset picture of it in yesteryear.

Recipes - a delicious idea which gives your calendar added value. Take some pictures of each recipe to add interest. This could be run as a competition in your school or local community with the winning recipes featuring in the calendar.

Class photo - Reuse the traditional class photos you produce every year. Check with your photographer regarding copyright or why not get snapping yourself!

Decades - A fun way to get children to learn about different periods of history. Ask different classes to research, dress up and make props for a particular decade or historical period e.g. 20s, 60s, Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Victorians, Vikings.

Films and books - World book day has become an established annual fun day for schools where children get to dress up as their favourite character. It is a great day to take photos of the classes for use in a calendar. 

Birthdays - Rather than traditional class photos organise all the children in the school by birthday month. You can also add each child’s name to the calendar on their actual birthday. 

Self portrait - Based on the popular tea towel fundraiser get each child to draw a self portrait. You can either scan these individually or why not get the class to create a background scene such as a day at the seaside, add the cut out self portraits and then take a picture of the whole piece of artwork.

Seasons / holidays - Children just love to get dressed up. Assign a calendar month to each class in the school and get them to dress up or make props to illustrate the season/month. It makes for a great project and even better photographs!  As well as the four seasons, think of all the other traditional holidays e.g. Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, Patron Saint Days

Photography competition - Run a photo competition in the school, village or club and feature the winning pictures in the calendar

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